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Wrong.Your stance is still c'jit, hunter. Shoulder width apart.Trainer, if you continue to insult my most basic stanceYour center should be lower to the ground.As it is you'll topple and have only your;<r in a fight to blame.1HmmH Im 4 1,Predator,AVP,r34,

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Were you to challenge any other in^ such a display of disrespect, your honor wwould be forfeit!You would be killed, you pauking whelp!NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! vNot unless you know it won't ^ be your end. ^Get up, mei'hswei kv'var-de.,Predator,AVP,r34,

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Have desired another, since even before my Chiva.Perhaps they know it, but - ^ I don't want to risk our status' as ^ Mentor and pupil...patreon.coniTViral DivinityYou and I, my most Honored Trainer.,Predator,AVP,r34,

Hunter, wait.Underestimating me, Honorable Kiiv'an?,Predator,AVP,r34,

want to use my m on you first.Relax.Is that permissible, Thea'on...? aI, ah... I've never done this, though... .patreon.com/ViralDivinity,Predator,AVP,r34,

',V -'{ *'/ ||// i V<<7? ^ /,Predator,AVP,r34,


Sei-i! Sei-i, I forget myself, Honored Jehn'dte, forgive meIf I am your Matriarch, then touch me however you wish, virile K'var-de...,Predator,AVP,r34,



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