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Wrong.Your stance is still c'jit, hunter. Shoulder width apart.Trainer, if you continue to insult my most basic stanceYour center should be lower to the ground.As it is you'll topple and have only your;<r in a fight to blame.1HmmH Im 4 1,Predator,AVP,r34,

Honored Trainer, perhaps you are not as much of an experS'yuitde!Silence!How did you even survive your Chiva with such a brash tongue? ^Had Knot whipped you as hard as I did; you would have < with your teammates,Predator,AVP,r34,

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Were you to challenge any other in^ such a display of disrespect, your honor wwould be forfeit!You would be killed, you pauking whelp!NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! vNot unless you know it won't ^ be your end. ^Get up, mei'hswei kv'var-de.,Predator,AVP,r34,

Accompany me to the soak? ./steam will dear /own and scattered iughts, Kv'var-de.I.. In purity,I think that would beSei-i, my Honored Elder, I will accompanyV \ 1 \ kiB,Predator,AVP,r34,

?Follow me, whelp. There's a more private soak this way.L \ /./1 p'[irk 1 \< *\\l1 \\\ " j/ N \, JI\| \ 11 ^7V \ \\\ 1 \ \ \\ 1 \\ \\1 \ \ \ 'V\ 1iy\ " ^V \ \\\7 / V\I \ ^,Predator,AVP,r34,,Predator,AVP,r34,

And, though a K'var-de, you are not lowly, Thea'onIn purity, I am curious as to your actions in the Training Arena, Honored K'var-de Thea'on.My actionsdo deserve a thorough explanation.II Vw1ILid, I -\i,Predator,AVP,r34,

I will not deceive you, Kiiv'an, my scent will not lie to you.ContinueI have yet to find a partner for this rut, so I am. Frustrated.Talking of my teammates was a... sore spot to claw, my most Honored Trainer.,Predator,AVP,r34,

I apologize,Thea'on.I lose my cool very quickly, \ especially in the middle of rut with no partner.I'm not interested in posturing any longer..I'm more interested in someone posturing and fighting for me.^,Predator,AVP,r34,

Have desired another, since even before my Chiva.Perhaps they know it, but - ^ I don't want to risk our status' as ^ Mentor and pupil...patreon.coniTViral DivinityYou and I, my most Honored Trainer.,Predator,AVP,r34,

Hunter, wait.Underestimating me, Honorable Kiiv'an?,Predator,AVP,r34,

want to use my m on you first.Relax.Is that permissible, Thea'on...? aI, ah... I've never done this, though...,Predator,AVP,r34,

',V -'{ *'/ ||// i V<<7? ^ /,Predator,AVP,r34,


Sei-i! Sei-i, I forget myself, Honored Jehn'dte, forgive meIf I am your Matriarch, then touch me however you wish, virile K'var-de...,Predator,AVP,r34,



You forgi yourself, f,Matriarchs are no Hunters possession. You are only afforded allowance to touch me because I willed it. ^Unless,Thea'on... You would like to test your ability and try to fully claim me for this rut.0PATREON.COM/VIRALDIVIII1V,Predator,AVP,r34,

 If you wont forcefully lay claim to me, then I'll i you as I see fit, Hunter...... I doubt you'll object, either way.,Predator,AVP,r34,


Enough, Female!0PATREOH.COM/VIRALDIVIHITV,Predator,AVP,r34,

I've had enough of your talk - you talk less during the spar, . Kiiv'an. ^Now, be quiet, and ^ roll over, female! My patience is thin for this game.,Predator,AVP,r34,

Perhaps I should tease you, too?Unless you want me to stop rutting you, Kiiv'an?,Predator,AVP,r34,

Please, Thea 'on,Predator,AVP,r34,


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^^// Thank god you've secured the bridge. I'm not sure what's going on, but these strange black creatures have gotten aboard.I know, I...they got Ayame\r Did they? Then > there are even fewer ^ of us left, now.^/Listen, Clara. You've got to unlock^ the bridge doors for me. I'm the only one left


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